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Important conversations shouldn’t be put off, but neither should they be initiated at awkward or inappropriate times. Conversations — especially the deep ones — rarely go smoothly and hardly ever go as planned.Don’t bring up your bedroom issues at the beginning of the Super Bowl, or launch into a serious talk on your way to a holiday party. Set aside a specific time so that neither of you is taken aback by the discussion. They twist and turn, a tangent here, an unexpected comment there.How often have you wished for more open and honest communication with the person you love the most? When couples discuss serious or provocative issues, one or both involved can often feel frustrated with the conversation and the outcome. Here are some suggestions to help you become a better communicator with your partner, which will absolutely improve the communication in your relationship.In the heat of the moment, we tend to forget how to be kind, patient and loving. You can’t control how he or she communicates, but you can serve as an example and an inspiration.It is easy for a couple to fall into a downward spiral where the spouse with bipolar disorder behaves in ways both highly provocative and highly reactive.

The Shaytaan makes each of them imagine attractive qualities in other, which leads them to develop an attachment that detrimental to their spiritual welfare and worldly affairs.I am a sister, who usually logs in to Paltalk and then goes to the Islamic rooms so that I may gain some knowledge related to our religion.Sometimes while I am in one of those Islamic rooms in Paltalk,a muslim brother(looking for a wife) in the room asks me to have a private written chat with him so that we get to know one another.Is it really SIN to talk to a brother in writing ?? That is because talking to men may turn into chat which usually leads temptation.Hence it is essential to be strict and avoid that, seeking the pleasure of Allaah and fearing His punishment.

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