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Delaine Moore, a mother-of-three from Calgary, Canada, has written a book about her X-rated escapades that involved going to a sex club and being handcuffed in a California hotel room by a stranger she met online.'Even though I knew it goes against what people want to believe about single moms; even though I knew my children might read it and people were going to judge me, it was something I needed to do,' the 44-year-old told Daily Mail Online.'I love the creativity and the exploration of myself, because I'm constantly pushing and discovering things. I like having that dynamic that keeps me on my toes.'But it all blew up in her face in 2007 when – after she told her husband she wanted a divorce and, as she made plans to build a new life with her lover and their respective children – a mother at her son's school revealed that Graham was cheating on her with another married woman, whom he had allegedly got pregnant.'It was fear,' she says. I had these old ideas in my head about single moms and divorcees.'He said: '[I'm] very attracted to strong, confident dominant women – the "alpha females" – and I like them to be sexually submissive to me.

Am I going to be one of these washed up single moms with three kids that nobody wants to have anything to do with?

She provokes, drinks, fights and her next tattoo will be a ...

See full summary » Trevor is a 16 year old, sometimes-violent skinhead with no regard for authority, and would rather spend his time stealing cars than sitting in the detention centre to which he is sent. See full summary » Lena is a bright, disabled girl who, after years spent studying at home, is keen to get back to school.

See full summary » A gang of skinheads 'Russia 88' are filming propaganda videos in order to place it on the internet.

She is assigned to a special class for disabled pupils who have to present themselves...

See full summary » An interracial couple is attacked and the woman is gang-raped in a random attack.

It immediately brings up images of the kids out in the living room playing video games while Mom's bonking a different guy and it's a turnstile of men coming through the door. Most of our conversations didn't even focus on sex.''Ultimately, as a submissive you are the one who is writing all the rules.

She says: 'With John the dom, through our telephone conversations there was a degree of intensity, passion, respect and trust that emerged – how he listened to me and the kinds of questions he asked. You decide what it is that you want to have done to you and he then combines his own initiative and creativity as elements of the unexpected to bring you to places where you want to go or even a little bit further.'Though Delaine downplays any suggestion she was whipped with a flogger ('I had it touch my skin,' she says) she does admit he 'grabbed a fistful' of her hair, pushed her on to her knees and dragged her around the room.

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