Intimadating jack aqha

Gorgeous head and a super long neck with a clean throat latch.This colt has been handled daily and will tie, lead, stand for the farrier, load, and haul. Please contact us for more information and additional pictures of this outstanding colt.He is a good trail riding horse, great in traffic and commotion.He is easy to catch, lead, load, haul, stands tied, easy to bathe, groom, pick feet, saddle, bridle, and quiet for the vet and farrier.A few months ago, my parents had dinner guests of a visiting preacher and his family.After Sunday dinner, they thought it would be fun to go on a horse ride, and so Dad saddled up the two mares.He was riding the buckskin, and giving the guests turns on the roan mare.The roan was acting flighty and full of energy, so he dallied up and ponied her from his horse.

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Slow legged, however can extend for the Hunter Under Saddle, backed by an exceptional pedigree! v=q Mj PRHd Gs2I This spectacular youngster is ready for someone to take him to his full potential!

Stands for mount and dismount, rides in just a loose ring snaffle or a short shank bridle, backs up, side passes, and works a gate.

Watch his video and check out all of his pictures, no one has walked by this guy and not made a comment about him how stout he is!

The preacher’s wife was riding the roan, and as they rode down the gravel road a ways, the roan sort of bolted and jumped out ahead of Dad’s horse, and I guess he wasn’t cinched tight enough because his saddle turned, the buckskin mare sidestepped from the sideways pressure of the saddle being off, and both Dad and the preacher’s wife fell off.

Now, my dad is seventy-three and has some previously broken ribs from a mule bucking him off a few years back, and when these mares acted up, he just decided he was done playing cowboy. In their defense, I don’t believe either mare bucked.

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