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The officer takes four steps, arms extended, and opens fire at the back of Ronald Johnson III, the muzzle of his gun flashing five times in the dark as Johnson runs out of view of the camera and collapses.

The footage of Johnson's October 2014 killing was released to the public Monday, less than two weeks after a dash-cam video of Laquan Mc Donald's shooting was broadcast around the world.

That freaked my kids out at first, but then they thought it was neat.

The biker in front stops, which was probably a good idea considering the trail ahead had a switchback, which would have put the bikers right in the path of the bear after it cut off trail.All data communication to and from the camera operates on the reliability of the AT&T network.You do NOT have to have AT&T service on your current phone plan, nor do you have to sign a contract with AT&T since the data is provided through Bushnell and renewals are provided also through Bushnell.“I was also really impressed by audio pickup from the inbuilt microphone, everything was clear from the audible down to even the quietest of squeaks” “Audio on exterior security cameras is usually forgotten about, but is very important and the…“Some of these cameras required us to tinker with our router to get them working; not the Home Monitor, which is a breeze to install” “It also has strong night vision, shoots crystal-clear video, and the company offers an extensive, free…

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