Norton definitions not updating

Live Update can only apply updates for a particular version of Norton; it cannot however upgrade a version of Norton to a later version (for example Norton Internet Security 2006 to 2009).To upgrade the product to the latest version, one would have to go to a separate website.The Symantec Intelligent Updater requires no user feedback, as you just have to launch it and wait for the definitions to be installed.Any available Symantec program is automatically recognized and a log file is created to store information about the definition update.Express mode will download and apply all applicable updates.Live Update also runs in Express mode silently in the background.

It was created by the Shared Technology Team at the company's Cupertino headquarters and later taken over by the Norton team.Now you are on this post, so do not take tension because here in this post we have guided and provided you the methods to overcome from the Norton live update problem. For resolving any problem & issue you must have knowledge about the reason of the problem.So the reason of Norton live update is not working may be It may occur when you are running Norton Live update manually The functionality of the Norton live update is to update the antivirus to the latest version automatically.Advanced users can type the name of the installer in the command line, alongside '/?' to get specific options for different Symantec programs, which enables them to avoid deploying all the updates.

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