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Last month, he got to know a girl over Wechat called Le Le (or “Happy Happy”).

Kong would chat with her every day and they formed a bond.

First of all, China has Momo, a dating app that launched in 2011.

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Chinese students in Vancouver and Richmond are being targeted.

Service which Chinese international students in Vancouver use not only to chat.


Photo: CFPOn We Chat, China's most popular instant messaging platform, some chat groups have promised they could arrange models and pop stars to be sexual partners for those willing to pay the high price.

In latest We Chat scams, the scammers’ modus operandi is to first message individuals on We Chat (or other social messaging applications) with the allure of sexual favours for a small price.

The scammer then talks the victim into purchasing gift cards from online sites like i Tunes and Alipay.

I was thinking with my penis : Chinese sex scam hits Australian.

When the victim goes to meet the girl, they are asked to pay in advance.

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