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Only two series with a total of 52 episodes were originally planned, but due to popular demand, a third and final series was filmed.

Series one premiered in July 2006, followed by series two in September 2007.

Elas flutuam em direção à misteriosa Ilha Mako e o que acontece lá muda completamente suas vidas para sempre!

Ver como elas fazem um respingo em sua nova vida - indo para festas na piscina, mas evitando a água, praticando seus poderes mágicos, e lidar com os efeitos malucos da lua cheia, tudo ao mesmo tempo manter a suas caudas um segredo do resto do mundo.

Nesta Serie H2O Meninas Sereias, Emma, ​​Cleo e Rikki não são garotas comuns.

Elas são três garotas de dezesseis anos que um dia se encontram presos no mar.

Rikki loses control of her power and flee's to Make island after being scared of hurting Cleo and Rikki.

Meanwhile, Zane, being haunted by the tail he saw when we he almost drowned, does some research which leads him to Mako. Feeling scared and lonely, they kiss but Rikki ends up hurting Zane, and she ...

In this show, as in is about three teens who end up transformed by an event at Mako Island so that every time water touches any part of their skin they change into mermaids.

However, they overdo it and when the Dr is called to check in on the girls, she becomes alarmed and alerts the CDC that there may be a dangerous contagion.

Another full moon is happening, the girls and Lewis try there best to make sure no moon light can get in, and they succeed, until Lewis leaves, Cleo and Emma block the moon light, but Rikki see's it from a reflection in her water.

故事讲述三个平凡的女孩无意间闯入一个古老的洞穴然后身体发生了奇异的变化变成了三条美人鱼,三个女孩意外得到魔力,碰到水会变成美人鱼,而且从此有了控制水的能力,一个能使水成形和移动(第二季还拥有控制风的能力),一个能让水结冰(第二季能使冰爆炸),一个能让水沸腾蒸发(第二季能使物体起火)。然而她们因为怕被送去海洋馆或者变成科学研究的实验品,要千方百计隐藏自己的秘密,同时还要找出自己为什么会变身的原因,这个过程有一些死党男生的帮助,不时会笑料百出。 Skylarking on the waterfront, three ordinary teenage girls stumble upon a strange pool on the mysterious Mako Island.

When the full moon strikes its waters, the girls are transformed into Mermaids with magical powers over water.

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