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We had the chance to catch up with 23-year-old Buffalo, NY native Nick Chiari aka Grabbitz on this very special morning – last time we talked to him he’d just been hit up by the mau5 himself to work on a vocal edit he did of “Silent Pictures” from his is out and Grabbitz has the bragging rights of not only being featured on the lead single but has the only vocal on the album. more vocals, more hooks, great beats, solid songs, in my opinion; not confined to one particular style. Grabbitz: i can say that there will be a lot of new music in 2017 and all shows will be live. Grabbitz: anyone reading should subscribe to me on Grabbitz: – We Live For Music, i swear they don’t pay me NHQ: OH MAN, THE MIC (brought to you by Bandsintown) I know you’re a rapper and you secretly spit fire no one even knows about so I’d like to issue a challenge if you’re up for it… ok shoot NHQ: A free style Skype-type-rap, can it be done?The latest Grabbitz release “Follow Me” is out now on Monstercat. Grabbitz: HAHA Grabbitz:: anything can be done, lets see NHQ: YES Grabbitz: hey look at me i’m freestyling in a Skype chat Grabbitz: i like that Grabbitz: i don’t even gotta spit….It should be obvious by now that Microsoft, like many companies, should bear down on its core businesses and eschew all mergers and acquisitions.You can read all the columns and news articles about this deal with various quotes from various pundits and find some reasonable rationales for this dumb idea, but the clear winner in this debacle is going to be Google.It brings some Snapchat-like features including "add-in" services and "Highlights," which are basically Stories.This feels a bit like one giant "fellow kids" meme.Google almost pulled off a similar sucker's game with Yahoo and Microsoft. Let's beat it to the punch." Ballmer and Microsoft need to go look at old "Peanuts" cartoons and try to grasp the "Lucy and the Football" story line.

I’m a singer, rapper, songwriter, and i make beats. Grabbitz: so yea just bring all of your belongings, this could last a while NHQ: we’re ready, seems like there’s layers to this project just tryna peel it back here.

Hope your evening with your dog and Netflix is romantic and wonderful.

Grabbitz: someday we will peruse thru it Grabbitz: thank YOU!

Google already has a Skype-like product called Google Talk, which people commonly use when Skype doesn't work. Google also has Google Voice, which directly competes with the Skype interface to the plain old telephone service (POTS) world.

I, like many others, use it for my long distance service in the USA and Canada. So Google apparently was thinking of buying Skype, but perhaps it was another bluff designed to get Microsoft to bite.

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