Jquery not validating on submit

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jquery not validating on submit-85

Ive got a little problem while using j Query validation plugin in on my .net/MVC projects: The validation generally works all fine, the issue arises at the time of submitting: I want form not be submitted when there are any validation errors in it and for this I set debug:true; But after setting it to true when the submit button becomes unresponsive, even when everything is fine i.e.I posted a fiddle here: NC/1/ and here is my code: scripts: Thank you!I have the two libraries because I am implementing this on a site that uses the 1.3.2 library (which I can't change or remove), and the show/hide on the fields will not work with that, so I have to run a newer library in parallel.Unfortunately, although validation fires and all rules are checked, it does not error if a required field is blank. Finally, if I fill in the fields correctly and click the button, nothing happens.JS: Required error still not displaying, and still nothing happens on a successful validation.

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