Are quinn and santana dating

She joins the school glee club to keep an eye on her boyfriend Finn (Cory Monteith) and becomes a spy for cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch); she remains part of the club after she is removed from the cheerleading team, the "Cheerios", due to her pregnancy.Over the course of the first season, her character matures and builds friendships with the other outcasts who make up the glee club.The Santana-Quinn Relationship , also referred to as Quinntana.Is the friendship between Santana Lopez and Quinn Fabray . Boyfriend.mp4 Party.mp4 Blowjobs.mp4 Landlord.mp4

By College Star20Everybody at Mc Kinley High knew that 17 year old Junior Noah(Puck) Puckerman was a ladies man, a straight up badass and sleeps with alot of girls even older woman but what people don't know is that he's been in a serious relationship for two and half weeks now with a girl who had two kids and he really cares at them. Noah Puckerman but goes by Puck was sleeping in his bed on a monday when he gets woken up by yelling."Noah Raphael Puckerman you better get up or your going to be late for school." His mom Sharon Puckerman yelled from downstairs.Will his relationship work out when his ex girlfriend seems to be still into him? He looks at his clock and sighs hating getting up at in the morning since Mc Kinley High school doesn't start until . He picked up his phone and saw his ex girlfriend and on the side hookup buddy Santana Lopez texted him saying that it's a new year and they should totally start the new year off at their hookup spot.He shakes his head putting his phone down and went into the bathroom and took his shower not in the mood to think about hooking up with Santana at the moment.He walked downstairs and told his mom that he was getting something on the way."Remember that Chaya needs a ride home after school tomorrow, I have a late shift." He mom yelled from the kitchen and he yelled back alright before leaving the house.He walks out of the house and gets into his truck turning it on, he closed his door and put his seat belt on before pulling out of the driveway before heading to the Lima Bean Cafe to get some breakfast before school starts. Puck pulled up to the place when he noticed that he parked next to a super hot black Lexus CT and he smirked at the car not believing somebody from Lima Ohio had a hot car like this one.

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