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“It must be hard being you,” he says.#3: Why I don’t want to give you my number I get it. You’re probably going to make some woman incredibly happy or incredibly miserable someday, and I wish you both the best. Maybe I like living alone so I can do all the weird things you can’t do anymore when you share a space with someone. I don’t know if I’ll ever want children or marriage.

But if we’ve had a nice conversation and I’ve politely declined your request it’s because — as much as I’ve enjoyed our conversation — I’m just not feeling it. The only thing I do know is that I shouldn’t have to explain it to anyone.#5: Why I’m angry sometimes I used to walk home alone at night, through any neighborhood, without fear. Luckily, they wanted the ,000 worth of goods on my body more than my body, and theft seemed to be the primary target of the attack.

If anything came out of that film [Supersonic], it was that it’s done, it’s finished, don’t spoil the fucking legend.” Last week saw Gallagher among over 90 new acts added to Reading & Leeds festival 2017 – marking his only UK festival show this year.

His album will be called ‘As You Were‘, the first single will be called ‘Not For Sale‘, and he has vowed to sing Oasis songs ‘bigger and better than Noel‘.

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Similarly, if I'm at a bar and a guy is being way too polite, aka, hesitant about dry humping me in the middle of the dance floor, the mood is gone. And I intentionally fuck fuckboys."With the countless articles telling girls how to tame the fuckboy so that he becomes the perfect, monogamous, gramable boyfriend, you may wonder why I continue to reject that for the 2 a.m.

I saw people from my hometown (population: 5,291; ,190 median household income; 97.62% white), whom I’d never known to be politically involved, posting photos of themselves marching or posting in support of marching. But this is how we learn to discipline ourselves into the neverending process of accountability: trepidation giving way to possibility and commitment.

Suddenly around bigger crowds of more and different people than they’d ever seen, surrounded by placards on issues they may not have heard of, I imagined the ripple—however momentary— of realization flitting through their hearts. If you went to the woman’s march, I hope that’s what you felt.

Sure, there are girls who fall victim to the charm and the bedroom skills of a frat boy or an uninterested senior. So whenever you walk in to get your drink (which they also know by heart), you get smirky stares and giggles. Of course, if the guy I'd slept with was not at all attractive, I would probably get inverse reactions. Of course he's gonna offer up free drinks to keep you coming back. Deny him if you want to, honey, and take that free venti iced vanilla latte! But get over it--there's really nothing wrong with it. College kids typically range from late teens to very early twenties.

Fuckboys are not for the faint of heart, or the faint of any other part of your anatomy. The fact that I hooked up with him was completely unrelated. It turns out there's a lot of fucking baggage that comes with fucking someone who works at the establishment that is your second home. However, in this case, the guy wasn't a total 0 (not a total 10, either). It's like they slept with you vicariously through the other guy. You consider getting your daily, or double, dose of caffeine at a different location. Everyone is using dating apps, like Tinder or the latest hot app, Spotlight. College shouldn't be a time of stressing out about serious relationships, you've got a long fucking life to live so stop worrying so much about finding someone to spend it with. Please tell me how by this time you should know exactly what you want in life--or in a husband. You barely know which frat you want to party at that weekend or if you want to color code your stats notes. Today, you may like brunettes and the next day, blondes.

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