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Nods to the unity of Paramore’s three core members were strewn throughout the show, from the three massive vertical LED screens to the other musicians confined to a platform in the back.Even the stage jutted out into the audience with three distinct points like an onomatopoeic action bubble from the old series.Even when she sat down behind a keyboard for "Daydreaming" and "When It Rains," the audience remained rapt.Go Behind the Scenes in a Day in the Life With Paramore The venue was only about three-fourths full (with the upper level curtained off), but Paramore showed their appreciation when Williams brought a fan named Jordan onto the stage to sing part of the set closer "Misery Business." While Jordan may not have looked the part with his frantic movements and a sweater tied around his waist, when it came time to belt out the lyrics, he did so with supreme confidence – and the song didn't miss a beat.Some of the bigger names Bendeth has worked with include Taking Back Sunday, Underoath, Vertical Horizon and All Time Low.

On skittish Paramore tracks like “Emergency” and “Misery Business,” she proved herself to be a sensitive and poetic lyricist, writing songs about growing up, first love, and first heartbreak, always with a sense of strength and excitement.From the start, Paramore's poppy melodies and zippy songwriting seemed to contradict the fact that none of the bandmates (with the exception of Davis) were older than 18.To help attract a younger audience, Atlantic decided to share the band with Fueled by Ramen, a Florida-based label with a strong roster of emo-pop acts.Its sugar-and-spice contrast, its red herring string sample intro and its bowl-over chorus still serves as one of the most important displays of the band’s greatness a decade on., the album’s best moments ensure that repeated listens are greatly rewarded.‘Rose Coloured Boy; is an obvious single with its cheerleader hook and its shiny Nile Rodgers guitar shapes, while ‘Fake Happy’ is perhaps the most upbeat song about hiding your emotions you’re likely to encounter.

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