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Important: The method for installing a map update on a Tom Tom PRO 8270/8275 does not require the use of My Drive Connect.To learn more about the update process for these devices, read the FAQ: "How to update a PRO 8270/8275 Availability check and installation When a PRO navigation device is connected to a computer with My Drive Connect installed, the support application will start automatically and inform you if a newer version of the map is available for download and installation.When a problem prevents you from downloading and installing updated maps on your Tom Tom GPS, you must determine the cause of the problem before you can successfully update your device.Turning your computer or GPS off during the download and installation process may often prevent the Tom Tom maps from updating properly.Before you can use the Latest Map Guarantee, you need to check if a new map is available for your navigation device within 30 days (Tom Tom GO series) or 90 days (Tom Tom PRO series) after first use.

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You may be able to use LIVE Services when traveling abroad.

Before you can check if the Latest Map Guarantee is available for a PRO navigation device, the support application "My Drive Connect" must be installed on a computer and the navigation device must be connected to the computer via USB.

To learn more about My Drive Connect and the installation process, read the FAQ: How to install My Drive Connect.

Continue Reading There are options for updating the existing Tom Tom maps for free.

The first option is Map Share that is offered by the developer.

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