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The statistics shows that 20% of people who join start serious relationships and eventually get married.It may seem that looking for someone over the net is a dead end job, but you have to try.It's only Out of your Abundance that you dish out to others.SELF LOVE - The absence of it is the major cause of LOVELESS MARRIAGE that is prevalent in our world today. S is a Christian dating site in Nigeria that is bridging that gap between you and your potential life partner. I am fun I like going to the Pub and to the occassional restaurant for dinner. Some one who is caring , open minded, tolerant and easy going. I like to help others in need where I can and I if I was anymore laid back I would be laying down. I have 2 beautiful cats and 3 beautiful nieces and a amazing family.Thus, all you need to do is click the button “Christian” in the top bar of the gallery.

Like the old saying -YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT YOU DON' T HAVE.

Thus if you are Christian and single, consider Christian dating online as an option.

Besides, there is a number of apps and sites you may use without any charges paid. Romancecompass, for example, hold oneself as free Christian dating service, as well.

We have created perfectly safe medium for you to chat, communicate with people from different walks of life, but who have similar points of view and care about their principles and values.

Read success stories Christian couples shared and see that miracle happens in life, you just have to believe in it and never lose hope.

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