Invalidating a house rental agreement

An estimated 34 million households currently rent their primary residence.

Most of these renters signed or verbally entered into a lease agreement that outlines the arrangement between the tenant and the landlord, but not all of these agreements are valid contracts.

Don’t take this out, even if you know you will never give consent, as by doing this you will be invalidating the clause.

The wording does not mean that if the tenant asks permission to keep a pet that you HAVE to say yes. Remember also that if you are not experienced in drafting documents it is easy to draft a clause in a way which is ambiguous or hard to follow.

Insurers Aviva (formerly Norwich Union) paid out but 2 weeks before she was due to move back into her home, insurance investigators found out that she had, just a few years prior to taking out the policy, been fined £150 for an overpayment of housing benefit.The most common prohibited provisions include: In some states, when a landlord includes provisions prohibited by law the lease or rental agreement is invalidated.The tenant may be able to recover damages and attorney fees if the landlord was aware that the provisions violated the law.It just means that your refusal must be reasonable. YOU know what it means but it may not be clear to anyone else.In which case it will probably be invalid under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations.

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