Sales force updating databases

As Andrew and amator comment, the solution is to wrapper the list To Upser build using a try to remove wrongs Ids. This is my working final code: If your getting an actual Apex exception this means their is something so significantly wrong with the records your passing in, it is likely Salesforce has not started to process them at all. If you insert a record, such as a Contact, into Postgres, and then update that record before the insert is sent to Salesforce, Heroku Connect will merge updates that reference the same into a single INSERT operation to Salesforce.The most recent value for any given field will persist.Skyvia can more than just create a copy of the Salesforce data in My SQL - it can keep this copy in an up-to-date state automatically.All you need is to configure a schedule when to update the My SQL replica database. Just select check boxes in a list of Salesforce objects.If necessary, you can tweak it in more details - replicate only part of Salesforce fields and filter data to replicate.

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Note that this parameter has no effect on tables that have already been created by Copy Storm.Copy Storm uses a relaxed definition for all Saleforce numeric columns.NUMERIC is used for Oracle and Postgre SQL databases. The reason for using a relaxed definition is because it is possible for Salesforce to store values that do not match the declared field definition. Amout, which can be forced to exceed the field size declared by Salesforce.will cause Copy Storm to retain a column in the target database if it has been dropped in Salesforce.By default Copy Storm will drop a column in the target database if the column is dropped in Salesforce. If set then all tables created by Copy Storm will be prefixed with this value.

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