Safari top sites not updating

If only one webpage or website isn't working, you can remove data related to that site to see if it fixes the issue.Use these steps to remove cookies, cache, and other data stored by Safari for a specific site: If you want to remove website data for all of the sites and pages you've ever visited, choose "all history" from the Clear pop-up menu.A simple solution to many common Safari issues is simply to reset all data in the browser, which is a fairly wide reaching task that includes a variety of procedures that basically gives Safari a clean slate and takes everything back to default settings.This includes clearing all browser history, resetting the Top Sites list, resetting all location warnings and preferences, resetting all website notifications and warnings (like domain redirects and SSL certificate dialogs), remove all website data including files and locally stored caches, clear the downloads window, and close out all existing Safari windows.

Since then, subsequent releases of Safari have added ever more ways for you to find your way back to Web pages that you use regularly.For example, embedded videos might not display if they're hosted on a site other than the one you're viewing.Check with your administrator to see if you can get access to the site that you're trying to view.To delete any already existing Top Sites previews and images you can reset the feature: Now if someone was to enable Top Sites, any existing sites wouldn’t be included in the list.You can always get ‘Top Sites’ back and visible again by selecting it in the same preference panel of Safari, however.

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