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The 2017 Masters Tournament marks the 20th anniversary of Tiger Woods' historic 1997 win.We're looking back with exclusive content from the remarkable victory.The penalties were assessed as Thompson walked off the 12th green in the final round.The four strokes erased her two-stroke lead and she eventually lost in a playoff to So Yeon Ryu of South Korea. "I feel bad about it, but I'm not going to abort the Rules of Golf in the middle of a round.

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He added Coach Brian Kelly met with Brent when he got back to campus ... It may sound strange, but sources connected with the university tell us Brent did nothing wrong.In the final months of the band, Chas Chandler discovered a talented black American guitarist called Jimmy James at the Cafe Wha?in New York who he wanted to take back to London and promote."I think it's a fair critique and a fair criticism whether or not somebody can point something out that causes us to review it, and whether or not we should do that a day later," Whan said. I'm not going to overrule something that is correctly ruled.It doesn't mean we have to love that ruling and the penalty that goes with it." Whan said a review of how similar incidents should be handled in the future is underway, but would not elaborate.

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