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To include a video into your slideshow you must put an iframe into one of your slides: As you can see I set the width and the height of the iframe to 100%, so it changes its size according with the size of the slideshows (I mean the iframe, the video in the iframe will mantain its ratio).

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These plugins are included in the zip you can download at the bottom of this page. See the other demos to create more complex slideshows.

For j Query newbies: after downloading and unzipping Camera, you can see some files in the folder called Examples included in the zip: there I provided some examples of Camera slideshow. To use them just add one of this classes to the target element (if you don't use any of this classes the color of the icons will be petroleum/graphite): j Query('YOUR_TARGET').camera Stop(); //stop the slideshow j Query('YOUR_TARGET').camera Play(); //start the slideshow j Query('YOUR_TARGET').camera Pause(); //pause the slideshow (some difference between 'pause' and 'stop': when you stop the loader and the commands are hidden) j Query('YOUR_TARGET').camera Resume(); //resume the slideshow after pausing'random','simple Fade', 'curtain Top Left', 'curtain Top Right', 'curtain Bottom Left', 'curtain Bottom Right', 'curtain Slice Left', 'curtain Slice Right', 'blind Curtain Top Left', 'blind Curtain Top Right', 'blind Curtain Bottom Left', 'blind Curtain Bottom Right', 'blind Curtain Slice Bottom', 'blind Curtain Slice Top', 'stampede', 'mosaic', 'mosaic Reverse', 'mosaic Random', 'mosaic Spiral', 'mosaic Spiral Reverse', 'top Left Bottom Right', 'bottom Right Top Left', 'bottom Left Top Right', 'bottom Left Top Right', 'scroll Left', 'scroll Right', 'scroll Horz', 'scroll Bottom', 'scroll Top' N.

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