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Then it went on to these "preteen modelling" sites which have had me addicted untill this point i have downloaded thousands upon thousands of "sets" and have hundreds of differnt models hidden deep on an external hardrive i have dreams of these girls and one girl i started to become attracted to her even though ive never met her.

I dont have it in me to ever act upon anything all my fantasys are in my head this is the first time openly spoke about this and its a little scary.

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For deep research, you really need access to some underground search engines that may not be quite as well known.

These little-known tools dig much more deeply into specialized areas of the Internet than the general search engines,” which is the information available on the Internet that standard search engines don’t have access to, because they are buried behind query forms or directory requests.

In Carol Midgley's review of 'The Lolita Effect', she notes that 'some believe that shielding girls from sex for as long as possible — preaching the abstinence message and the pregnancy/STD/victimhood perils of sex — is the only way [to counteract The Lolita Effect]. 'Rather, girls should be encouraged that it is their right to enjoy it, thus reclaiming their sexuality from a culture that increasingly positions them as passive, objectified sex kittens who are not encouraged to actually want sex or get any pleasure from it yet are mandated to be desirable to males — to look up for it but not, of course, act on it, for that would be sluttish.'This fantastically sensible suggestion has not stopped the book being promoted in the press with straplines such as Lost Youth! Nobody, moreover, has yet thought of asking young women and girls themselves what they want.

What a silly idea: everyone knows that young girls are merely ciphers for the steamy fantasies of artists, advertisers and pop psions: they have no personalities of their own, and no agency to speak of.

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