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But the sex trafficking industry, as always, seems a step ahead in the game. IVY CASTILLO, Officer, Manila Police Cybercrime Center: That’s only one but there are a lot. So, they’re pretending that this is a real modeling agency to entrap the young girls?FRED DE SAM LAZARO: At the police cyber-crime center, officer Ivy Castillo explained one of the many ways that vulnerable young women are tricked into the trade. It has all the trappings of a glamorous fashion model agency, especially to a young rural Filipina girl.

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I can’t even begin to describe the wild sex shows I have been able to see cruising thru the site. Luckily, here at Filipina Hunter we’ve got your back…errr…boobs! Finding a busty Filipina girl though is sometimes not easy, especially if you want a really nice pair that are not pointing south.The first advantage to coming to the Philippines is that you don't need to know a second language to get around.Therefore most of the girls in the bars speak English. It is a serious crime with penalties ranging up to life imprisonment for those involved in trafficking.

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