Dynamically updating html

That is, it's to illustrate how to write an AEM Touch UI component that has a drop-down field that is dynamically populated with data returned from an AJAX call.This community code is for teaching purposes only and not meant to go into production as is.When the resource is loaded the viewer will call the function that is the second parameter of get URL - Instead of have the server send just numbers, you can use more structured data, XML, RDF or something else.

It would be ideal to only update the HTML when a change occurred in the database but for now, I just want it to change every few seconds or minutes... I want to use AJAX but have no idea why loading anything from a php file into an HTML element won' work... Your page will need to make a request to the server each time it wants to check the status.

There's nothing unique to flash in this (or indeed anything new.) this document hopes to describe some techniques you can use in SVG.

If you want to update HTML webpages using javascript, my examples on the XML HTTP Request Object will hopefully be useful.

The URL to your dashboard will have a link similar to this: Performance/The Dominanceof RVP All you have to do to get an image of the dashboard is to add “.png” to the end of the URL.

My URL now looks like: Performance/The Dominanceof and here’s the resulting image.

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