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Individuals with BPD generally present with emotion dysregulation and instability- emotional responses are reactive, and individuals usually experience problems with episodic depression, anxiety, irritability, and anger.Individuals with BPD also exhibit behavioral dysregulation with extreme and problematic impulsive behavior.Method: 60 female adolescents completed the Borderline Symptoms List (BSL-23), the Family Adaptability and Cohesiveness Evaluation Scale (FACES-V), and the Invalidated Childhood Environment Scale adapted for adolescents (ICES-A) at baseline of a 20-week dialectical-behavioural therapy.

After six months, the DBT group showed significantly greater reductions in suicidal and non-suicidal self-injury, emergency department visits, psychiatric admissions and bed days.Received Date: June 16, 2015 Accepted Date: August 19, 2015 Published Date: August 26, 2015 Citation: Valentin M, Sasha M, Theodora M, Cecilia M, Chrysostome ZJ, et al.(2015) Family Functioning and Parental Invalidation of Depressed Adolescents with Borderline Personality Disorder Traits. doi:10.4172/2375-4494.1000235 Copyright: © 2015 Valentin M, et al.It is highly recommended that you complete the introductory course first, although with appropriate experience and knowledge of the topic you may jump directly to this advanced course.You can review Feast or Famine: The Etiology and Treatment of Eating Disorders at any time if you have questions about the general treatment of eating disorders. For some individuals, it takes years for their eating disorders to become acute.

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