Edison chen dating

Related: Jamie Yeo announces third marriage, pregnant with second child After months of rumours that Chen is starting a family with Qin, the photo seemed to be proof, said Ming Pao Daily News on Tuesday.

The picture of the party was uploaded by Chen’s friend with the message “100 days congrats”, said the report, and a netizen immediately did the math, concluding that the singer’s daughter was likely born on April 20, 2017.

Ruco has since responded to the dating rumor, responding with a very firm “no”.

I’ve just got into Think Big and am doing another children’s program.

Ashin’s neighbour also revealed that a girl was often seen visiting Ashin’s house, and this girl is “Cousin”.

Tabloids also dug out the photos back in April 8, when “Cousin” and Ashin’s interaction were seen like a couple back then.

None of us really have time as we’re both pretty busy.” (So you guys aren’t dating? We are friends and co-workers.” (Would you say you guys would eventually develop into a romance?

) “It’s hard to say what the future will hold, but work comes first.”Phoebe said she finds Ruco admirable, as he took on the responsibility of facing reporters when their rumors first broke.

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