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Pictured alongside Moon on the campaign trail, images of the handsome bodyguard quickly went viral, with swooning fans sharing pictures of the hunk online and gushing over his movie-star good looks.

According to news reports, Choi is more than just a handsome face, having spent 10 years as an officer in South Korea’s Special Warfare Command.

Though people around the world have been caught up in the bodyguard’s good looks, Choi’s fans may be disappointed to find that he’s not a single man on the market looking for love; he’s married to an English instructor and is the father of two daughters.

It might be a while before we see him on the scene again too, given that Choi is now spending more time with his family and Moon is currently in the care of South Korea’s presidential security detail following his succesful election to office.

This page is a crash course of Korean, designed for those who need Korean words and phrases for unexpected reasons, yet urgently, or just for fun.

You don’t need to have a Korean software to view these pages because the texts are displayed in graphics. When you click on a word you don’t know, it’ll show you its meaning.

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