Curtis jackson dating chelsea handler

As recently as 2007, she was playing comedy clubs like Denver’s Comedy Works.

Last year, her “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” tour (named after her book) was extended three times in theaters around the country, drawing more than 250,000 fans in 44 markets and grossing more than million, according to promoter Live Nation.

Handler met with a matchmaker and was set up on a few dates with men who were entirely incompatible.

Is Flay the latest guy with whom Chandler has been matched? Chelsea Handler signed a seven-year deal with mega giant streaming service Netflix for the four-part docuseries “Chelsea Does” as well as a talk show.

So, people like that, who I really don’t know anything about, then I do my research. I want her to just chill out and have fun because I’ve heard she’s fun and gregarious and she can throw back. It’s really fulfilling and I really feel like I’m busy all day. If I’m dating somebody I’ll probably be like, “Fucking,” but I’m not dating anybody so I’m really happy working.

But if it’s somebody that I’m comfortable with and that I follow and that I know, then I know we’re going to have a normal cool conversation, just by nature of being curious. They pitch me different ideas all of the time, whether it’s related to science or math or astronomy or the moon and the sun and all of that. People I trust have told me, “You don’t understand at dinner she is a totally different person.” I think around her daughter she’d be more relaxed and I’d like to see their relationship.

The 44-year-old star took to Instagram on Thursday () to wish his protege and frequent collaborator a happy birthday and admitted that...

50 Cent feels Jay-Z's new album '' sounds like ''golf course music''.

Food Network fans know just how much Bobby Flay loves brunch! A source contacted Page Six and divulged that Booby Flay and Chelsea Handler arrived at the Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica, California – gasp – together on Wednesday, January 27.

If I’m not interested I can’t expect viewers to be interested in it. I always felt like I was a celebrity even when I was like 3 or 4. Sometimes I think, “I’ll never date an actor,” and then sometimes I think, “Well who else am I going to meet?

Eminem says 50 Cent's rap from '8 Mile' made him want to quit rapping.

The 41-year-old rap star has taken aim at his fellow New Yorker in an now-deleted Instagram video, saying Jay's much-hyped new record is ''too... The 42-year-old TV host has revealed she will happily turn to apps like Tinder to find a ''hook up'' when she's on the road, saying she approaches her...

The fledgling rapper is gearing up to release mixtape Escape, and dropped the tune Different on Monday (06Feb17).

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