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While there are multiple other online match makers that offer a similar variety of speed dating, Woo Me is a strong leader in the industry because it also comes from the same developers and Skype, and to date, its service is still free! One of the more interesting aspects of the site is that members can publish their online video introductions to Woo Me TV and watch how other users from around the world meet and interact with each other on the site.

Sometimes they even get to meet celebrities who use Woo Me to promote themselves and meet their fans!

Just think about what hell might feel like, and yeah, there you go!

Just like someone’s clothing, it gives you essential details about someone, how much do they care for details.But it’s also a gift, it’s something you cherish, you deserved his card.By seeing a business card, I remember much better about the person who gave it me, what we discussed about, eventually what I wrote about that person on it.The point is that when you meet somebody who also has a Poken you high-five your two figurines together (high-four actually, it missed a limb as it’s not human), and then you’re best friend forever on all your social networks at once. I realized that this idea is plainly horrible conspiracy.We got a sort of strippeddown Pokens for free as part of our LIFT badges, which I found to be a really awesome idea (a PCB in your badge has this nerdy appeal). I am a business card design fetish and I think I’d be so sad if natural human interactions (business or not) were to be replaced with a generic digital high-5.

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