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Imagine all of the vans, letterheads, directories and stationery with 0500 numbers on and the work this is going to cause companies to change!OK – this isn’t going to happen overnight as it is muted that the phase out will take 2 years to complete but we are recommending that if you have a 0500 number you must consider your position now. Your best option is to select a new 0800 number and run it in parallel with your existing 0500 number.Here is what to do over the next 2 years when running in parallel:- If you follow these simple steps to change and start the change now it will be far less painful for you than if you leave it until the last minute.Our filthy and unshockable team of horny phone fuckers are ready and waiting to satisfy you - nothing is too 'weird', 'strange' or 'extreme'!All sizes and models of Te Pe’s interdental brushes have plastic coating on the wire for safe and gentle cleaning.

This document is to inform our customers of any changes that may affect them.Consultation is currently under way for the withdrawal of the 0500 free phone number range.The 0500 number range is a legacy batch of numbers that were initially allocated to Mercury Communications in the early 1980’s (recently was Cable & Wireless and is now Vodafone).It is a requirement for you to advertise the cost of calling these numbers in a way that is compliant with regularity requirements stipulated by Ofcom, Phone Pay Plus and the Advertising Standards Agency.The price for paying or receiving to your 084, 087, or 09 may change.

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