Guidelines to ensure safety while dating

The CPS is committed to taking age equality issuesinto account in all our prosecution policies.

When designing an office, keep in mind six main considerations for the safety of patients and workers: (1) office flow; (2) cabinetry; (3) laminate, wall, and floor coverings; (4) fixtures, dispensers, and waste drops; (5) support equipment; and (6) ventilation.Can you put them in the ultrasonic cleaner or separate them and handscrub them?If you use the ultrasonic cleaner, do you have to then empty it and sterilize it?The Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct represent the highest level of University policy and form part of the University’s accountability framework.The Codes are updated on a regular basis and provide contemporary advice and direction on a range of work and study situations encountered as part of our day to day campus activities.

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