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Associate Professor Szoeke and lead researcher Katherine Burn reviewed 15 years' worth of academic studies of Boomerang and Failure to Launch children and their parents.

The total sample size was more than 2 million people.

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We’ve all seen it in the movies: overgrown “kidults” living at home while their parents pick up their dirty laundry, cook their meals and vacuum around their unmade bed.

Since we began our research four years ago, however, we have found that different generations of the same family live together in one household for a whole range of reasons. These stories of different drivers and outcomes, along with findings from several related Australian studies, are retold in our new book, Multigenerational Family Living.

is a can’t-miss living exhibit that features hundreds of free-flying butterflies and birds from around the world along with an assortment of other animals including turtles and fish to experience firsthand. residents/college students | seniors | ages 3-17 Additional Ticket Options, Discounts & Admission Information The lush landscape is planted in tropical trees and colorful flowering plants amid waterfalls and a walking path.Sign up today for a class in Cooking, Art, Music, ESL, French, Spanish, Wine & Spirits and more.For more than a century, the CCAE has provided an oasis of learning in the heart of Harvard Square.With around one in five Australians living in multigenerational households since at least the mid-1980s, it’s about time we moved beyond the stereotypes.If one only paid attention to media reports, it’d be easy to think that multigenerational households in modern-day Australia come about solely because young adults won’t fly the nest.

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