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In general I think it might be interesting to visit once to see the unique mountain setting / architecture / drink local wine / mineral water, but for the women - no thanks. The food is ok (not as good as I was told) and pretty cheap though there are a number of places the charge what you'd pay in the US.

It's actually quite dangerous and I had the chance to spend some time in Tbilisi recently. I relied solely on online game (CS and Tinder) - here is my report: Pros: - very few trolls or stunners here - the rather small gene pool created a lot of 6-7.5 girls that all look 'good' - it's VERY easy to get dates, I have never seen so many girls come out after a short online communication on CS/ Tinder/ FB - all the girls that came out passed the boner test - some girls were stunning - in fact the CS girls here were way above what you see on the streets - girls are like Southern tilted Russian/ Ukrainian variant with long noses, strong bodies, big boobs, long black hair, rather pale skin (but this varies quite a bit) - daygame wasn't really required but really there are few options to see girls during the day outside of the metro (crowded and hot) and Mc Donalds; cafes/ bars have barely any girls (or guys) - lot's of fluent English speakers, some easily comparable to foreign born girls you meet in the US - big foreigner bonus for Americans (or if you are Spanish/ Italian looking) - dates are fun and the girls are very playful - almost like Israeli girls but not as feisty Cons: - girls have (too) little sexual experience (met a stunning looking 28 year old virgin on Tinder, no kidding) - first date bangs are very rare - first dates usually start well and than you will meet her 'friends', this seems a theme here so don't be overly annoyed, schedule the first date during the afternoon, smile and than take her out to a drink near your pad on the second date - second/ third date is where the magic happens - there isn't much going on besides the typical post-Soviet entertainment (parks, ice skating, movies etc) - the city center is small, I kept running into the same girls accidentally in just 4 days, so when you are building a harem you need to carefully select late night spots Tbilisi is a bit off-the-beaten path but feels pretty European.

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Do the Georgian women have a lot of hair on their backs btw, cause holy crap are their men hairy?

You can live for a fraction of what you pay in the US and build a harem slowly and carefully.

The attitudes are more Russian than the Georgians would admit.

The baths follow the Persian tradition of allowing the hot, sulphurous water to bubble up naturally.

Most of the baths are utilitarian, built during Soviet times, but some look like they are straight out of Wine is central to Georgia’s national identity and for good reason.

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