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If the breakup was mutual, your chances of success are much higher. “For example, would you still want to date this guy [if] your friend reveals to you, ‘The reason we broke up is because he cheated on me’? When deciding whether or not your friend’s ex-boyfriend could become your next boyfriend, take the length of their relationship into consideration.If they were high school sweethearts and continued dating into college, dated for four years and finally broke up because they didn’t see themselves getting married (because marriage was on the table?! However, you think there could really be something there between the two of you. Being interested in a friend’s ex involves treading in some pretty murky water, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Sadie, a junior at Missouri State University, knew her friend had broken up with her boyfriend, so she felt like it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she tried to make something happen with him. It wasn’t a totally bad breakup, but it definitely happened. Wait, was he that guy whose teddy bear and mix CD she threw out the window?Dating and meeting new people is very exciting – but what about falling for someone in your core group of friends? It means you can still go to the house party or show, but this time your bestie is also your beau. Of course it’s a risk: You’re going to alter what your relationship looks like, and hurt feelings might be involves. Crossing the friendship line into intimacy is terrifying and equally exciting.Sure, there are your coworkers, but mixing work and play isn't always healthy — nor is it preferred after you've already spent 40-plus hours a week together.Finding people who share your interests takes far more effort (Do I join a yoga studio? ), and often requires more time, money, and energy than many of us feel capable of at the end of a long work day.

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His glasses make him just the right amount of adorkable. The double success of starting a potential relationship and keeping your current friendship depends on a few conditions. “Of course, I talked to my friend about her breakup first to get the details,” she says. I am a newlywed, and it took me and my bestie 6 years to figure out what everyone else already saw coming. It’s an amazing adventure You’ve already been friends for so many years, you know everything about them, except what it’s like to be their guy or gal!You’ve already seen each other at your best—and worst Having lived alongside your friends for a while, you’ve seen how they are in relationships.You're in some of the same classes, probably share similar socioeconomic backgrounds, and, except in rare circumstances, live in close proximity, making it easy to get together for friend dates.But, as many authors and filmmakers have bemoaned in their works over the years, making a friend after college is less simple.

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    Since they lived in a small town and had kids close to the age that they were looking for, they felt more comfortable finding someone who lived out of state.