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Walters claims she had a years-long sex affair with the moderate Republican, who was at the time. And he’s still alive, retired in Florida or something, and it is kind of NOT COOL to rat out your old ’70s affair partner when he’s still alive. Anyway, she tells Oprah she doesn’t give a hoot because she had already been divorced a hundred times by the early 1970s. Brooke was born and raised and educated in the District, was an Army captain in Europe, got his degrees from Howard and Boston Law, and served a dozen years in the Senate.

But now “Affair With Barbara Walters” is going to be the longest part of his Wikipedia entry.

Ford) found himself sitting next to Greenspan on the New York–Washington shuttle.

The photographer quickly owned up to planting the tidbit.

News diva Barbara Walters, flacking her much-anticipated autobiography, Audition, marketed her “secret” love affair with married Republican senator Edward Brooke, of Massachusetts, at the time (back in the seventies) the Senate’s onlynews.

According to Pulitzer Prize–winning photojournalist and former White House photographer David Hume Kennerly, the Walters-Brooke romance was so well known in September 1975, when Walters was 46 and Brooke was a decade older, that Washington Post gossip-ista Maxine Cheshire put it in her popular “A year after I became President Ford’s White House photographer,” Kennerly e-mailed last night, “there were items swirling around in the press suggesting that I was dating President Ford’s daughter Susan (I wasn’t), that I was out of favor with him (I wasn’t), and that my staff was being cut back, and perhaps my whole operation was going to be eliminated (it wasn’t).

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But a source close to Walters told us the report “is not true, she wasn’t rushed to hospital, she just saw her doctor.Related: Barbara Walters Has Big Plans For Her Retirement — Mainly to Sleep In! He was very flirtatious, and I was very taken." But ultimately, the legendary journalist wasn't interested in mixing business with pleasure...until now! "He was just not [that] into me," she shared of their not-so-great reunion on the red carpet!A report that Barbara Walters recently experienced a health scare has no merit.Rumors began circulating when the pair were spotted buying groceries at a Whole Foods in early June.And according to various reports, Christina has not only been dating the director, but also moved in with him several months ago.

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