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Do you love those animated emoticons and graphics you see on web pages and emails?

If so you'll really love this free emoticon graphic maker.

Lilly and her 6 survival knives (plus a hatchet), that’s what!

If you’ve ever seen her videos, you know she is not easy on her tools — and she’s not shy about telling us which ones have a Ian of Forgotten Weapons takes us on another cool tour, this time of a weird old popper that testifies to the creative genius of the human mind.

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I’ve tied a passel of knots in my life, and the bowline is one of my favorites…

Twilio makes SMS simple, because you don’t have to write extra code to accommodate for the complexity of mobile carriers and global regulations.

Powerful API primitives and the most extensive set of developer tools help you focus your time building the exact SMS workflow you want.

In this video Paul talks about how to spot a fake gun expert.

For the most part, I agree There are millions of Glocks out there now, and some are great and some not so great.

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