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This has created great displeasure for users who practice discretion with such information.Facebook does not require the release of such information when individuals sign up for the site.If you are using something that I don't take sole credit for, then I request you take the proper measures to see that you give them proper credit as I have done.Before making accusations about me copyrighting already copyrighted material, please actually read the Creative Commons License Due to lack of funds, I will now only be hosting this resource pack on adfly.

They demonstrated that anyone could get access to information saved to a Facebook profile, even if the information was not intended to be made public. If you wish to use any of the resource pack that is mine, contact me FIRST.Anything I don't take Sole Credit for in the list below belong to their respectful owners as shown in the "Credit" section below.If you have one or know someone who does, send in game email to Rdbanker. Faction is the worst part, take yer 4000gp or so, donate it 2gp at a time in Qeynos for consistent fac over a few hrs time to Warmly. I know because I killed all three named fer the three drops AND did the final turn-in to Irak in Po F in the same day :) Try this order and method, it worked fer me. Log-in Immediately after patch, then follow this path: A. can be solo'd in 60's but recommend at least a healer to be on safe side. Work your way down clearing everything that comes at you. (This camp will be the most time consuming of the 3, give it an hour or two, assuming no wipe). Have them then break away from him once you can see him, so you can do turn-ins while the mobs aggro kiter. Go to Plane of Torment, kill Kaniz, 1 group is overkill. We're all 55 (getting all aa's before moving to 59) There is a PAL, MNK, RNG, SHM, CLE and we pick up random LFG people to fill the 6th spot.-------------------------------------------------- 61st Paladin Erollisi Marrjust a tid bit to kill Sir Lucan De`Lere.. Kirak Vil in Nektulos Forest- easy to find, one group of 60s will destroy this peon. Head to /loc -150 -600, the mob is in a corner between some building-structures. (Should take you no more than 10-15 min to find and kill once in zone). Kill, making sure not to push mob thru the door, so you can still loot. *edit -fastest I ever did keeper was about 45 of crawling with clr mag trio, clearing everything from the undead portion on. Both insta-gate home afterward for the win :) *edit- Do N summoning here now. Go to Plane of Hate with 2 groups (70's), take out innoruk. The hole in your plan is assuming everyone is Time and Ele geared... CLE is one kill from epic, SHM (me) is only two, RNG is two, MNK is one and pally has just completed his FA.

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