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When brokenhearted Stan flies to Austin for the weekend in hopes of "accidentally" running into his ex-girlfriend Cathy, he arrives to find their best friends Jeff and Kara in the middle of their own vicious breakup.Before too long, battle lines are drawn - and with the Air Sex World Championships in town, anything can go down. The story of this movie is a bit different from your typical romantic comedy.Yes, there was the “sex tape” of Farrah Abraham and Sydney Leathers, and yet another Disney star with a sexting scandal.

And yet, she hoped it would somehow be like the Lana Del Rey song. The guy she was supposed to meet that day—the guy from Tinder, the dating app kids were using to hook up—“I know, like, five guys who’ve done it; girls use it too, but they pretend like they don’t”—he was cute and had tattoos on his arms. She “hearted” his picture, and within a few minutes he had hearted hers, and then they were instantly texting.“Ur hot,” he wrote. WHEELING IN THE BITCHES“Gotta wheel the bitches in.

I'm really baffled that currently less than 600 users have rated this movie even though it has been out for almost one and a half years.

has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.

There was major win in the court of public opinion, too: 52 percent of Americans say they are for legalizing gay marriage in all states. Miley Twerkin’ Cyrus Look, I’m sorry, this hurts me more than you — but there is no keeping Miley Cyrus off this list.

From her tongue-thrusting antics at the Video Music Awards to her topless and damn-near crotchless photo shoot with professional creep Terry Richardson, the 21-year-old’s antics were inescapably controversial this year.

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