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He was a professional chemist for fifty-two years and spent thirty-five years as a research chemist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, until his retirement in 1988.A rigorous and empirical scientist, Rogers spent years working on the Shroud as a member of the STURP team. You can also find them listed alphabetically by author on the Website Library page.Each listing includes a brief description of its content.In one blow, Darwin had relegated us from divinely-created beings to apes - the culmination of evolution by the impersonal mechanism of natural selection.But are the scientists right in applying the theory of evolution to the strange two-legged hominid known as man?In this book, Rogers shares with us his frank and often-unvarnished personal perspectives on his thirty year involvement in Shroud studies.

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In November 1859, Charles Darwin published a most dangerous idea - that all living things had evolved through a process of natural selection.

Although there was almost no mention of mankind in Darwins treatise, the implications were unavoidable and led to a more radical change in human self-perception than anything before it in recorded history.

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