Libya dating

Estimates of the dead varied widely, from 173 by Human Rights Watch, to more than 300.“Benghazi is a war zone — the situation is very tense,” said a highly placed source in Tripoli.“Troops including mercenaries are being sent there by plane. “Lots of people are being killed, including members of the security forces.

During this time Libya intervenes several times in the conflict in its neighbour.

2003: The normalisation of relations between Libya and the West, which began in 1999, is marked by the lifting of sanctions and the announcement by Tripoli that it is abandoning programmes to develop weapons of mass destruction.

2005: Major energy companies, notably from the United States, resume their activities in Libya, which were broken off in 1986.

3.(SBU) Highlights of the treaty, which the ambassador said must be ratified by the Italian parliament, are: -- Infrastructure investment: Italy will provide USD 5 billion in funding for infrastructure projects in Libya over a 20-year period (i.e., USD 250 million/year).

Libya will propose projects; a joint Libyan-Italian committee will decide which will be funded; and Italian companies will implement them.

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