Is james franco still dating ahna oreilly

The actor/director/producer/scriptwriter/university lecturer was – as a producer and star of The Interview – at the centre of the biggest Tinseltown story in years, one that eventually brought down the co-chairman of Sony, Amy Pascal, in February.When the trailer for The Interview, about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-un was released, North Korea issued a statement that releasing the film would be a “war action”.He is arguably the hardest- working actor in showbusiness.

It’s going to touch a lot of peoples hearts because we all right now, I think, feel that fire.” “In Dubious Battle” had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Sept.

In all of the destruction there was a silver lining for Franco.

Whether you love to hate them or hate to love them, there’s something undeniably mesmerizing about James Franco and Jared Leto, two successful Hollywood leading men who sort of have no business being where they are at this point. It’s also responsible for launching the careers of several beloved actors, most notably Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and, yes, a young James Franco.

In 2003, Ahna appeared in the comedy film named Bill the Intern for her role as a local actress.

In a new blog post for Huffington Post, the Oscar-nominated actor denied he's in a romantic relationship with Benson -- and, for good measure, declares he's not dating Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber's ladies either.

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